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Puma Logo – Design And History!

puma logoPuma logo is a true motivational and energetic logo that fills you with the energy a sports man need. Although the history of Puma officially began in Germany in 1948, but it was started back in 1920s when Dassler brothers started a company with name Adidas (read about: adidas logo design).

Back in 1924, Rudolph Dassler and Adolph Dassler founded a company of athletic shoes with the reason that, ‘You cannot play sports wearing shoes that you would walk around with’. the company was great success but then in 1948 trouble broke and the two brothers decide to split up. Rudolph establish Rudolph Dassler Sports on the side of town, manufacturing shoes under the brand of Puma. In 1951, he registered the first version of the Puma logo, which has undergone considerable alterations and updating over the years before settling on the incarnation that we are all so familiar with today. It delivers a clear notion of solid corporate position by its emblematic icon and brave typeface.

Puma logo grips a notion of strong and chic icon with the help of a leaping animal and bold font. A distinguished impression is immediately cast on the spectator, narrating the kind of image the company possesses. Additionally, the Puma logo is also multifunctional and can be used for different purposes easily while keeping its original identity intact. The size, background and color of the Puma logo can be modified or changed without altering its integrity. No doubt, the Puma logo effectively manages to brand the company and its products.

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