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Dell Logo – Design And History!

dell logo oldDell is one of the largest computer manufacturers in the world and pioneered the direct to consumer model in the PC industry. Dell was originally founded by Michael Dell, a university student, with the name of PC’s Limited. But within two years, the company was become successful and Micheal Dell change the company name to Dell Computer Corporation. The first of its design PC by dell was produced in 1985. In March 2004 Dell attempted to expand by tapping into the multimedia and home entertainment markets with the introduction of televisions, handhelds, and digital jukeboxes. In 2008, Dell was the 2nd largest company, behind HP in terms of computer sales. The dell logo on any pc makes you sure that you will get total value to your money.

The most interesting stuff about dell logo is multiple controversial theories regarding the design of dell logo, history of dell logo and the designer of the dell logo.

According to one theory the the slanted E in Dell logo is simply the buildings where Dell manufactured. Where as the other one suggested that the slanted E is fulfilling the graphic design. Two uppercase ‘L’s preceded by an uppercase ‘E’ presents a strong and positionally unbalanced grouping of short horizontal and tall vertical lines that clash with the roundness of the ‘D’. For some people, the dell logo is a stylized electrical plug and for some its just about accentuating the E as in the old dot com days of E-Commerce.

In 1994 Dell appended “e-com” to its tried and true logo to the current version as the company celebrated its 10 years of trading.

Dell served a highly utilitarian purpose that is they delivered cheap computers to the masses and have helped drive down the cost of computing power. Today the dell ensure you that the computer you purchasing will works the way you want it to be.

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